Keeping your exercise equipment looking and working its best.

The maintenance requirements necessary to keep your exercise equipment investment in good operational order will be influenced by the number of users, the frequency of use and for some equipment the weight of the users. Below you will find our recommendations for keeping your gym equipment in working order.

We suggest each facility establish a log for users to record any problems they might experience. It becomes very beneficial in identifying a problem and need for service, leading to better maintenance. Your log only needs to record the date the problem was noticed, the specific piece of equipment, and a description of the issue. To make equipment identification easier, you should affix a easily visible numbered sticker to each treadmill, elliptical, or exercise equipment piece.

If your equipment is located in the Washington DC Metro or Marland areas, including Baltimore, Annapolis and most of Maryland and Northern Virginia, Atlantic Fitness Repair offers great service for treadmill repairs, exercise bike repairs, elliptical repair, and most home and commercial gym equipment maintenance and repais, and all for reasonable prices.

Below we have listed some common preventative maintenance that you can perform as part of your regular equipment care to help extend the life of your exercise equipment.

Treadmill maintenance
  • Move the treadmill and vacuum under and around the treadmill
  • Inspect and ensure that all the assembly bolts are tight (you can usually find the torque specifications in your owners manual)
  • Test the treadmill's stop key to be sure it works properly
  • Inspect the running belt for any tears or signs of excessive wear
  • Check the tension of the drive belt (see your owners manual for specifications)
  • Inspect the front and rear rollers for damage, wear, and loosness
  • Make sure the motor belt is free of cracks and excessive wear
  • Make sure the motor mount bolts are tight and there are no cracks or damage
  • Vacuum the motor box if it is excessively dusty or dirty
  • Check the power cord for signs of damage or fraying
  • Clean all the surfaces on the treadmill
  • Check the treadmill's deck wax and if needed re-apply
  • Keep in mind that after 2 1/2 years (or sooner depending on use) the treadmill deck should be flipped over

Elliptical Maintenance
  • Inspect and ensure that all bots and fasteners are tight (see your owners manual for specifications)
  • Inspect roller wheels for excessive wear and damage
  • Make sure the handlebars are securely fastened to the bike and there are no signs of cracks or damage (check the handlebar grips as well)

Gym Weight Machine Maintenance
  • Check the cable end fittings and jacket coatings for damage
  • Make sure the weight stack loading nut is properly tighted (your owners manual probably has the torque specifications)
  • Tighten all loose bolts, nuts and fasteners on the weight machine frame
  • Inspect all pulleys and make sure they are operating smoothly, are free of cracks and damage and the cables are securely in place.
  • Ensure the weight stack pins aren't bent and won't fall out of the weight stack when in use
  • Lubricate the guide rods for smooth operation
  • Check all anti-skid grip tape and hand grips, replace anything that is torn, worn smooth, or otherwise damaged
  • Thoroughly clean the frame and upholstery
  • Polish any chrome or stainless steel parts

If you follow the above preventative maintenance, you will get the most use and trouble free operation out of your exercise equipment. In the even that any of your equipment needs repairs beyond what is mentioned, or if you would prefer to have this work done regularly by experienced technicians, consider using Atlantic Fitness Repair.

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