Keeping your indoor cycling equipment looking and working its best.

Every health club that owns or operates spinning® equipment must have a source of parts for their indoor cycles, as well as a person who is skilled in maintenance and repair of those exercise bikes.

Often, spinning® instructors who have never had any formal maintenance instruction end up responsible for light maintenance of their spinning® bikes. This ultimately affects the safety of the equipment itself and the overall integrity of the health club.

Below, we present some simple maintenance instructions and tips to help you through the simple repairs and maintenance steps you may need to perform to your indoor cycling equipment from time to time. (These instructions are not endorsed by any exercise bike manufacturer, but they work for us.)

Part 1. Basic cosmetic maintenance for spinning® and exercise bikes
  1. Polish the entire exercise bike, including all painted and chrome areas. Make sure to purchase a good quality polish for your bike.
  2. Polish the flywheel of your spinner® bike very carefully. This ensures the brakes have a good surface to ride on.
You can find these useful supplies online:

Part 2. To prevent rust on moving parts of your exercise bike, apply a very light coating of grease or lubricant.
  1. Both chrome sections of the spinning® bike's seat post
  2. Chrome section of the handlebar
  3. All three T-handles or pop pins
  4. Resistance knob threads
  5. Adjustable feet threads
Exercise Equipment Spray Polish
Spray Polish
Fitness Equipment Teflon Lubricant
Teflon Lubricant
Part 3. Lubricating Moving Parts
  1. Using spray lubricant or liquid oil, apply four drops of oil to each of the brake springs. Make sure you do not get lubricant on the brake pads of your indoor cycle.
  2. Lubricate the chain, if present. Some spinning® bikes have a belt instead which requires no maintenance.
  3. If your bike's Triple Link pedals or SPD indoor cycling pedals are in need of replacement, be sure to grease the threads on the new indoor cycling pedals before installation. In a heavy sweat environment, without grease your Triple Link or SPD pedal axles will corrode inside the crank arms. Greasing your indoor cycling pedals will prevent this from happening.
You can find these helpful repair products online:

Super Strong Indoor Cycling Pedals
Indoor Cycling Pedals
Park Tools
Park Tools
Atlantic Fitness Products Brake Pads
Brake Pads and Hardware
Schwinn Triple Link Pedals
Triple Link Pedals
Part 4. General Spin® Bike Maintenance Procedure
  1. Tighten crank arm fixing bolts, using Park Tool Allen Wrenches, but not too tight. There is probably a torque specification on your exercise bike, and you don't want to ruin your bike's cranks.
  2. Check that bottom bracket is not loose. If it is you may need a tech to tighten it, or if you have cycling tools, you can use a Park Bottom Bracket Tool. It may be easier to perform this adjustment on some indoor cycles than on others.
  3. Check chain tension and wear, which can be easily done with a Park Bicycle Tool Company CC-2 Chain Tool, and on a Schwinn Airdyne, check the fan cage
  4. Check saddle levelness, and tighten clamp bolt (this important for safe riding on your exerciser)
  5. Scrub off excess gunk from brake pads, or buy replacement brake pads.
  6. Check resistance unit: Secure? Centered? Properly adjusted?
  7. Check that T-handles or pop pins are screwed down tight.
  8. Check that toe straps are properly installed and not too frayed.
  9. Check entire bike for any loose or worn parts. Replace.
  10. Inspect entire bike for rust. Remove, clean, paint, or wax

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